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Kiwi Release 2016

Kiwi Release 2016

Pistachio to be released - meet at Oropi Hall

Event date: Sunday 27 November 2016 - Sunday 27 November 2016 Export event

To all friends of Otanewainuku.

You are invited to attend our Kiwi release of the year - 

Our very first Otanewainuku bred kiwi egg was hatched back in Nov 2013 and has now grown into a very healthy 2.24kg female ready for release into Otanewainuku.

Date: 27th November

Time: 1.30.  

Where:  Oropi Memorial Hall and Community Centre

Please visit the "Operation Nest Egg" video on our web site to learn more about this kiwi -  named Pitaschio.

Bring your family, we want to involve as many young people as possible, This is Otanewainuku history in the making.

It's a fantastic conservation story and a testament to the hard work, skill and commitment of our kiwi team. 

I look forward to seeing you there.

Hans Pendergrast

Chair - Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust

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