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Workdays - one down, two to go!

Workdays - one down, two to go!

Pest control operation in the bush to target rats and possums

Event date: Sunday 11 October 2015 - Sunday 11 October 2015 Export event

We had a fantastic turnout for our first spring workday on Sunday so a huge thank you to all of you who came along to help us carry the pre-feed into the bush. We are still in need of more volunteers for the next two Sundays, so please let us know if you are available to lend a hand.

This is the Trust's major pest operation for the year and is important to give the forest and bird life the best chance of survival by reducing pest numbers. 


The pest control program involves putting out the first lot of pre-feed over weekend one (complete). The following weekend a second lot of pre-feed goes out. On the third weekend any remaining pre-feed is removed and is replaced with the toxic bait. Two weeks later any remaining toxic bait is removed from the bait stations. The operation is then complete.


For this operation you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness, as you will be walking in teams of 2 over some steep areas, carrying a pack. You will also need to have a pack to carry between 5 - 10 kg of pre feed. Of course this reduces as you walk along and put the pre-feed in the bait stations. Good boots or walking shoes are required as well and wet weather gear and some snacks and a drink. As always, the idea is also to enjoy the bush and take your time.


A full safety briefing will be given at the start of the day on what is required, and of course the legendary BBQ and a cuppa will be going at the end of the day.


Work days are as follows:

  • Sunday 4th October: pre-feed - now compete
  • Sunday 11th October: pre-feed - more volunteers required
  • Sunday 18th October: bait - more volunteers required

Of course if you can only help on one weekend that will be fine. For all work days we will meet at the Otanewainuku shelter at 9 am. If you are able to come along and help, can you please email me so I can ensure we have enough people to complete the work.


If you have any queries or need any further information please let me know.

Many thanks

Peter Crane 

027 491 2424

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