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Bait Station intensification 2015

Bait Station intensification 2015

Increasing bait station density

This year’s intensification project outcome was to reduce our existing bait station grid network from 150m x 75m to 75m x 75m. This effectively meant a new line to be cut between all lines on the existing grid.

We wrote the contract in November/early December. Invited five companies to tender over Christmas and awarded contract late January. Griffins Tree Services won the Contract and started work in Feb.

The contract was only written for Zone 2 & 3 and the Mountain will become a variation using the contract rates.

Here is a summary of what was done:

  • Zones 2A and 3A ( old SOUTH  and NORTH  blocks ) – 57.33 km new bait lines cut
  • 763 New bait stations installed.
  • 10,000 approx. Pink reflectorized Track  triangles put up
  • 763 Yellow Triangles
  • New South Bdy (Zone 2 A ) marked
  • Nth Bdy (Zone 3A ) cleared
  • Ropes installed where required
COST for above to date $56,405 exl GST

Plus $12000 for materials (bait station, markers, ropes etc).

If you have any further questions will do my best to answer.

Cheers Di Patton


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