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Jim Pendergrast Retires

Jim Pendergrast Retires

Founder and Patron steps down from the Trust

Jim has decided to step down from the Trust. His son Hans Pendergrast recently became a member of the OKT Board.
Great turnout to our Annual Public meeting last week. Sad to say that our founder and patron, Jim Pendergast has decided to step down as a Trustee. Jim so often has sat at the shelter, looking after cars while people walk in the forest. He has taken part in work days, cleared lines, checked stoat and rat traps, and much, much more.

Otanewainuku forest and it's taonga of flora and fauna will be forever grateful that you, your family and other early settlers in the area acted to stop logging in the area, saving this treasure for generations to come.

Photo credits - Dave Edwards

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