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Chair’s Report Feb ’14

Chair’s Report Feb ’14

Awards, Bequests and a new Op's Chair

The Trust received a generous bequest in the will of the late William (Bill) Couper. Bill often helped Dave Edwards and would be available with a willing pair of hands when needed. Later in his life he was not to be able to help us on work days due to failing health. This year we will be reviewing the strategic plans of the Trust. Gavin Cherrie has taken over the Ops chair position with a new structure in place for our Operations volunteers. We were runners up in the NZ Community of the Year awards. See below for more details.

Kia ora.

The Trust received an unexpected $25k donation from the estate of William (Bill) Couper.  Bill had been a volunteer in the early stages of the Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust but over the last few years ill health had prevented him being an active volunteer.  I am hoping to get more details on Bill’s life for the next newsletter.  The Trust has decided to put $20k of this gift into the endowment fund and put $5k into the kiwi translocation fund.  The translocation money will be used to pay for a pair of kiwi which will be named in honour of Bill.

The Trustees have decided to overview the Trust’s functions and set-up.  This is like a warrant of fitness for the Trust and will check the relevance of such things as the Trust Deed, the constitution, the mission statements, the committee structure and other relevant matters.  These will be updated if necessary.  Flowing from this will be a strategic plan for the Trust for the next five years or so.  We have applied for funding from the BayTrust.

Gavin Cherrie has taken over as chair of the Operations Group.

‘Ops’ are essentially broken down into three teams –

  • The Kiwi team which is in charge of the kiwi program including the translocations and monitoring will be managed by Nigel Veale  ( ); 
  • The Pest Control team running the annual bait station operation will be run by Peter Crane ( );

If anyone wants to be involved in any of the teams they would love to have you on board - if interested either contact them directly or come through me.

The Finance group continues to work away at applying for funding.  They have recently signed the Trust up with give-a-little, with the aim of extending our reach into the sector which is active on social media - this is a group that we struggle at times to connect to.  So send the link out to your wider contacts and let’s see how it goes (  The endowment group have also been active and have sent letters to many service organisations and retirement villages outlining the endowment fund.  Part of this has been to offer the Trust’s services to talk to interest groups.  This is a very effective way of getting our work over to a wider audience and already we have several requests to talk to such groups.  If anyone has any other groups they would like us to talk to contact me - we are always available to talk either at their meetings or up at Otanewainuku.

Carole Long and I had the honour of representing the Trust at the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year gala awards in Auckland on Wednesday night. We were one of three finalists in the Mitre 10 Community of the Year award - the winner was Victim Support.  It was quite humbling to see the list of community groups that were semi-finalists that failed to make the final - included in those groups were Tough Love, Ronald McDonald House, UN Youth, NZ Cadet Forces and others.  

It was a real privilege to see the Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust exposed to such a high profile audience and it is a measure of the wider respect there is for the work that we do.  So thank you to everyone for your support and efforts over the years-take a bow.  It is richly deserved.

Regards Phil Wells

Chair | Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust

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